If your house has a private septic system, it should be inspected by a professional septic contractor

All septic systems have a finite life span. In most cases, it is impossible to predict if your septic system will last 3 or 300 years. But you can protect your septic system from costly breakdowns and repairs with periodic septic inspections.

Many septic inspection companies perform incomplete inspections.
With Casa Grande Septic Service, you can be assured that our standard inspections are always complete and done right. This way, your septic system stays in good working order and under local regulatory codes.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to septic inspections. Components of our septic inspection process include:

  • Evaluating septic components inside the home
    We will check all appliances and associated pipes for proper connections and determine whether all waste lines are properly discharging into approved waste systems
  • Examining the treatment tank
    We will open your tank and inspect for cracks, corrosion and leakage, as well as check the waste levels inside the treatment tank.
  • Inspecting the conveyance system
    We examine your distribution box for leakage, cracks, and corrosion and ensure the box is level.
  • Checking the absorption field
    This includes a flow test to simulate normal septic usage in order to observe drainage and signs of system backups.

Don’t wait for a costly breakdown to find out what’s going on with your system. Call 520-836-2095 to schedule a state-mandated inspection today!

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